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Tobacco Intervention Initiative

Tobacco Intervention Initiative

V.I.P Dental care is a TII Centre. A TII Centre is an IDA Certified Tobacco Intervention Centre, where the dentist will not just take care of the teeth but provide counselling for de-addiction. TII Center dentist is a trained tobacco intervention professional and the clinic is equipped with the necessary infrastructure, including CDs for the patients, booklets and other educational materials.

Tobacco smoking and consumption of smokeless or chewing tobacco affects the lives of billions of persons, posing an enormous public health challenge in its complexity, scale and impact, both at an individual and nation-wide level.

Highlights of TII

Tobacco use and smoking in particular, causes many of the chronic and debilitating diseases that affect the population and stress the national health-care system. Such diseases include heart disease, stroke, multiple cancers and respiratory diseases, as well as complications of pregnancy such as preterm delivery and low infant birth weight.

Core Values

We belive in updating, enhancing scientific technology and creating opportunities for a healthy India with the involvement of the dental professionals:

  • Train dental professionals and disseminate information on a scientific basis.
  • Our resources and programmes will be supervised, conducted and appraised in a manner to uphold the trust placed in us by the public.
  • We aim to improve the health status through communication, prevention and intervention.

Strategic Plan

Create a tobacco-free-India through intervention and prevention. Analyze the tobacco usage trends. Encourage people to give priority to health and ensure access to the best tobacco intervention services.
We translate and convey the advances and progress to health professionals, professional organisations, and the public through organized efforts.

TII's Goal

Our goal is creating an healthy nation by tobacco–free India. We are committed to reducing tobacco usage in all form by counseling by dentists at TII Center.

Tobacco Use-Risk factor to oral health

Oral health is an integral part of general health and one of the major risk factors to oral health is the use of tobacco in various forms.The Indian Dental Association(IDA) one of the premier dental organisation in the country,has been engaged in promoting optimal oral health for all,IDA has towards this end,been follownig a strategy of prevention measures through awareness creation to educate people about the various risk factors to oral health.

TII Centers

Certified dental clinics dedicated to help people quit tobacco habits through a system of counseling and pharma cological therapy.

TII dentists are trained in tobacco cessation.

They not only take care of your teeth but are in a position to notice the slighest deviation from health in the oral cavity.

The impact of tobacco use on your health can reach alarming properties and is one of the most significant risk factor to a healthy life.Quitting tobacco is not easy if you are addicted to it.The good news is that you can now stop with professional help by our TII Centers.Our personalized services and effective treatment plan will help you in your attempt to quit tobacco.

TII strives for a Tobacco Free India by helping patients quit smoking and consumption of smokeless or chewing tobacco.

Role of TII

Help you to set a 'quit' date and plan so you're ready to deal with first few challenging weeks when you are off tobacco.

Advised to quit throgh behavioral counseling & medicinies.

Advised nicotine replacement therapy and behavioral change programmes that double the chances to overcome nicotine dependence entirely.


Nicotine is a very powerful drug that affects your mood,focus and your thinking too.The more you use it,the more your body ask for it.That is why quiting tobacco use seems so hard.It is not because you are week willed or irresponsible.


Tobacco use is one of the most significant risk factors to a healthy life,but not the only one.Importantly,it is one of the few controllable risk factors and thus,has a multiplier efect on the non-controllable risk factor like age,family history of diabetes,heart disese,etc.For example,for those who were both obese and currently smoking,risk of circulatory diseses increased 6 to 11 times even under the age of 65.Similarly,smoking a cigarette raises the blood pressure by 5-10 mm Hg for about 30 minutes,greatly increasing your risk of heart disease or stroke.If thise is combined with drinking a cup of coffee,the effects are bigger and last longer

Here is a small questionnaire that will help you assess how a combination of factors in addition to tobacco use will add to your health risks.A higher score makes it imperative for you to remove or reduce the controllable health risks like smoking and obesity or even the indirectly contollable health risks like obesity.